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Health and Medical Advice for Parents

Medicines in School

Staff are not permitted to administer any medication to a child except in life-threatening circumstances. 

In exceptional circumstances parents can arrange for medicines to be taken under supervision by agreement of the Headteacher.  Parents must complete the authorisation form provided by the school and deliver the medication in pre-dispensed containers. The child must be able to take their own medication in the school office under the supervision of a member of staff.  If a child has a medical condition that may require emergency medication, it must be provided by parents at the start of each half term in a sealed labelled bag, with clear instructions for usage.  This is placed in an emergency grab bag in the class and taken on any trips. 

In agreement with the classteacher, a Health Care Plan is put in place for any child that has a life threatening illness (i.e Anaphylaxis) and these are updated as required.  Parents are responsible for ensuring that any medicine is in date at all times. Further guidance on medicines in school is available below along with information regarding the treatment of headlice. If you find any headlice on your child, he/ she will need to be treated at home and brought in to school as soon as possible the same day.  If any headlice are found on your child at school, you will be contacted to collect your child, treat her/ him and also return your child to school as soon as possible the same day.

All staff are responsible for the welfare of your children.  If they notice children showing signs of illness, they will inform the Headteacher.  The school office will contact you if your child needs to go home during the school day.  

Health and Medical Guidance for Parents

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 For guidance on illnesses and how long children should be kept away from school, please see your child's doctor.  Please note that the office staff at Sandfield are not qualified to answer questions about illnesses or treatments.

 For general guidance on illnesses please use the following link: