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Sandfield Primary School

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Welcome to Year 6

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Year 6 Timetable


To support your child at home, pupils should be able to spell key words (given to the children by the class teacher). These are words and patterns of words that the children need to know and apply in their writing. It would very useful if when your child is regularly spelling a word from the list you put a tick next to it. We are hopefully aiming to have a 'Spelling Bee' for each year group on these high frequency words every term so if you can encourage your child to learn their words. I'm sure there will be a prize! This is to encourage the children and raise the profile of spelling.

Year 6 High Frequency Words



Each term your child will have the opportunity to take part in a reading competition which encourages reluctant readers and also challenges keener readers to read even more.


Useful Information

 Year Planner


Year 6 Team

Class Teacher: Miss Hannah Jones

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Maryam Zahedi


The Parent Rep for Year 6 has a vacancy


Links for Learning

Year 6 Trip to Holy Trinity Church, 14th November 2016