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We are very proud of our music provision, which is a real strength at Sandfield, where we aim to engage and inspire our children with a love of music and singing. We introduce our children to a wide range of music and songs from a range of historical periods, genres, styles and traditions, including world music and the works of great composers and musicians.

We offer peripatetic piano lessons and children are offered the opportunity of learning the recorder at school. Children are able to enter the grading exams if they wish, but equally may just enjoy playing for pleasure. All children learn to read music as part of their music lessons.  In year 4, children have the opportunity to learn to play a stringed instrument as part of our collaboration with Guildford Grammar School. Singing is taught during music lessons, class lessons as well as during the weekly singing assemblies.

We provide a range of opportunities for our children to sing in public, and our choir sings at the Guildford Schools Music Festival at  G-Live in Guildford each year. 

 Violin and cello lessons are available from Surrey Arts at a cost to parents.  Please contact them directly here

Piano lessons are also available at a cost to parents.  Please contact Mrs Da Silva directly at 

String Scheme Family Concert Sunday 3rd March 2019
Please can all pupils participating in this event click below for the running order