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Reading and Phonics


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At Sandfield, reading skills are taught through phonics, focused reading comprehension skills and shared reading across the curriculum. We believe that it is vital for children to learn to read confidently in order for them to become independent learners. We encourage children to read for pleasure and to experience a variety of different texts.

During school time, teachers and teaching assistants will listen to children read on a regular basis. Learning Diaries are used as a tool for two-way communication and the importance of supporting children to read at home is highly promoted.

All children will have a personal reading book which they will read both in school and at home. This reading book may be from a specific reading scheme but more able, free readers can choose any books from the classroom and all children will always have the opportunity to choose a loan book from the school library.

Reading levels are thoroughly assessed using the PM Benchmark scheme, which enables us to decide when a child is ready to move on to the next book band level.

Sandfield's Recommended Reading List for All Year Groups

Recommended List for Reluctant Readers

There are lots of ways to help your child to learn at home.  Please click the links below and find your child's relevant class.

Helping Your Child to Learn at Home


The teaching of phonics continues into Key Stage 2 for those children who require additional support.

At the end of Year 1 pupils are assessed for their phonic knowledge by carrying out a 'phonics screening check.' More information about the check can be found at: