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Sandfield Primary School

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The school makes every effort to manage a behaviour problem so that the child stays in school.  This may involve the support of other adults or specific behavioural improvement programmes.  Exclusions will take place where a child severely verbally (using swear words or defamation of character) or physically assaults another child or adult.  If a child puts another child or adult’s life in danger this would bring about permanent exclusion.

In these cases, the child and the child’s parents will be informed of the action leading to the exclusion and the process for education during this period.  Governors and the Education Welfare Officer will be informed.  The Department for Education guidelines will be followed for any exclusion.



The majority of pupils behave well and conform to the expectations of our school. In rare circumstances, however, the use of acceptable forms of restrictive physical intervention may be needed. Occasions when physical restraint is permitted include when a child is:

  • Committing a criminal offence
  • Injuring themselves or others
  • Causing damage to property (including the pupils’ own property)
  • Engaging in any behaviour prejudicial to maintaining good order and discipline at the school or among any of its pupils, whether that behaviour occurs in a classroom during a teaching session or in the course of a school visit or off-site activity.