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Letters & Newsletters Sent Home


 Update to Parents 10.07.2020.pdfDownload
 Update to Parents 03.07.2020.pdfDownload
 Update to Parents 26.06.2020.pdfDownload
 Update to Parents 05.06.2020.pdfDownload
 Update to Parents 19.06.2020.pdfDownload
 Update to Parents 29.05.2020.pdfDownload
 Update to Parents 15.05.2020.pdfDownload
 Update to Parents 22.05.2020.pdfDownload
 Update to Parents 07.05.2020.pdfDownload
 Update to Parents 01.05.2020.pdfDownload
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General Letters

 Information to parents 23.03.20.pdfDownload
 Keyworker and vulnerable children in school.pdfDownload
 See-Saw Parent Workshop (1).pptxDownload
 See-Saw Parent Workshop (1).pdfDownload
 Dropping off and picking up information_Sandfield Primary_17.03.20.pdfDownload
 Update from Sandfield_COVID-19_16.03.20.pdfDownload
 Digital Device Survey March 2020 Letter to Parents.docxDownload
 Coronovirus Update Letter to Parents 04.03.2020.docxDownload
 Coronovirus Update Letter to Parents 26.02.2020.docxDownload
 Coronovirus Update Letter to Parents 25.02.2020.docxDownload
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Trips, Visits and Events

 Eco Conference Letter to Parents.docxDownload
 World Book Day 2020 Letter to Parents.docxDownload
 Pop Up Planetarium KS1 Letter to Parents.pdfDownload
 Year 4 Local Residential Deposit Letter to Parents 14.01.2020.pdfDownload
 Year 3 & Year 4 WOW Starter Spring 2020.pdfDownload
 Year 5 + 6 residential reminder_November 2019.pdfDownload
 Butterfly Lion Final Letter to Parents 07.11.2019.pdfDownload
 Year 5 DT Opportunity at RGS 2019.docxDownload
 Year 6 DT Opportunity at RGS 2019.docxDownload
 Swimming 2019-2020 Year 3 & Year 4 Letter to Parents.pdfDownload
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Sports Fixtures (Squad Members Only)

 High 5 Year 4 Netball Tournament Letter to Parents.docxDownload
 Year 1 Sportshall Competition Letter to Parents.docxDownload
 Year 2 Sportshall Competition Letter to Parents.docxDownload
 Year 3 & Year 4 Football Match QE 28.02.2020.docxDownload
 KS2 Mixed Cross Country St Josephs 13.02.2020 Letter to Parents.docxDownload
 Swimming Gala 09.12.2019 Letter to Parents.docxDownload
 KS2 Mixed Cross Country Send 28.11.2019 Letter to Parents.docxDownload
 Year 5 & 6 Football Kings College 08.11.2019.docxDownload
 Netball Match Sandfield 11.11.2019.docxDownload
 KS2 Mixed Cross Country Holy Trinity 03.10.2019.docxDownload
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