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Welcome to Reception Class

In Reception we follow the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum where we plan for and assess children against 7 areas of learning (Personal, Social & Emotional Development, Communication and Language, Physical Development, Literacy, Mathematics, Understanding the World and Expressive Arts & Design). 

The children have the opportunity to explore the inside and outside classrooms throughout the day. Each day the children learn through a mixture of child initiated play and adult led activities. All of the adults in Reception constantly engage with and observe children's play in order to plan for and deliver effective activities linked to their interests and abilities. The children have continuous access to ICT equipment, messy play and creative resources, role play, construction materials, writing and maths resources. Skillful interactions ensure that positive relationships are build, creating an environment where children can feel secure and flourish in their learning. 

Come and see what we have been up to in Reception Class ...

W/C 6th January: We have had an amazing first week back to the term, everyone has returned well rested and ready to learn! The role play area has changed into a base camp and the children have loved being in there and going on their own adventures. We have been learning about the polar regions and that animals that live in the Arctic and Antarctic. We have resumed with our phonics and lots of children are now beginning to learn Phase 3 sounds as well as recapping on Phase 2 sounds. I have added phase 2 and 3 sound mats to the right hand side of this page to support with recognising sounds at home. In maths we have been sequencing and ordering events and using the language of time. This began with ordering daily events using language like 'first', 'then', 'next' and 'after that'. We moved on to completing obstacle courses using similar language and then a series of time trials to see how many star jumps or throws and catches we could do in 1 minute. 


W/C 13th January: The week began with an ice challenge. The children were split into teams and given a block of ice with a small world animal trapped inside. They had to work together to figure out the best way to free the animal. Lots of children tried to poke it with a pencil or a pair of scissors. Some groups realised that leaving it on the radiator would work as the ice would melt and others threw it on the hard floor to make it smash. It was great to see the children working cooperatively in teams, sharing and listening to everyone's ideas. In phonics everyone has now moved on to phase 3 phonics (please see sound mats attached on the page for sounds to work on at home). In maths we introduced the 'part- part whole' model to represent how numbers can be split in different ways. The children picked this up really well and were able to talk about different ways to split numbers up to 5. Last week we did PE with Year 2 and the children loved it so we have decided to continue to do this. This week we worked on bouncing and jumping in different ways. 


W/C 20th January: After lots of role play airports and airplanes last week, we decided to write postcards this week from holidays we have been on. We talked about how to write a postcard and the different elements needed. The children have loved this and used their phonics knowledge to independently write words and sentences. In maths we have been continuing to understand the concept that numbers are made up of smaller parts (up to 5). We have represented this in lots of different ways throughout the week. Phonics has continued with learning phase 3 sounds (see sound mat) and learning the new tricky words 'was', 'are', 'he' and 'she'. I have attached a 'Tricky Word Mat' to the webpage which indicates the tricky words the children need to be able to read and write at each phase in phonics. 


W/C 27th January: This week has been full of class assembly rehearsals! The children have worked so hard to learn their lines and remember when they need to different things, we are so proud of all of them! Alongside that we have been learning about Chinese New Year. We read the story of the animals and talked about their position in the race. The children have also been having a go at writing their name and numbers using Chinese symbols. They have also made Chinese dragons this week in small groups. This was a great chance for children to develop their cutting skills. 


W/C 3rd February: After lots of interest in building, this week we started reading 'The Three Little Pigs'. We have retold the story using story actions and hot seated the characters. The children have designed their own houses using different materials and painted pictures for Mrs Pig. In maths we have moved up to numbers 6 and 7 and represented them in lots of different ways. The children have talked about the different numbers hidden inside of them. Towards the end of the week everyone has been making paper airplanes. We extended this to measuring how far each was thrown and talking about how to make the airplane so that it goes faster. 


W/C 10th February: This week we have continued with 'The Three Little Pigs'. We have painted the characters from the story and also filled in speech bubbles for the characters. For this we had to think about what the characters might be saying in the story and then use our phonics knowledge to write this down. In small groups we sequenced the story and took a copy home to retell it to family. The children also played a maths bingo game encouraging them to quickly recognise different representations of numbers without having to count. In maths we learnt different ways to partition numbers to 8 using the part part whole model. 


W/C 24th February: This week we have launched our 'Space' topic and the children have been thoroughly engaged. We have a new space station role play with a dark den. This children have loved using the torches inside this to explore light and dark and make shadows.  On Monday a spaceship crash landed on the playground leaving everyone wondering what was going on. The next day we read a story about an alien named Beegu and the children made the decision that it may have been Beegu in the spaceship on the playground. The week finished with the pop up planetarium and the children loved it! Wow, what a busy first week back!


W/C 2nd March: This week we have continued with our 'Space' topic and been so busy! On Tuesday we read 'Aliens Love Underpants' and designed our own pants using different colours and patterns. The next day we received a letter from the aliens asking us to complete a challenge. We had to sort objects into 'magnetic' and 'non-magnetic'. Everyone loved using the magnets the aliens left to do this. The children have also written facts about different planets and made space rockets using their own names. In maths we have been learning about 3D shapes. The children have explored cubes, cuboids, cylinders, spheres, cones and pyramids. We have talked about their properties and described them using mathematical language- faces, vertices and edges. The week ended with our amazing World Book Day. The children's outfits and fantastic and everyone could explain their favourite word and how it matched to their costume. 


W/C 9th March: This week the children have been using their phonics knowledge to write in speech bubbles from aliens. They have thought carefully about what they might say and some children have even tried to write in alien speak! In maths we have introduced number 9 and 10 and found different ways to partition them using cubes, numicon and the part part whole model. The children have also designed their own planets in small group time using paint and coffee filter paper. They then came up with a name for their new planet. We have started to read big book as a whole class or group. These are great to encourage the children to predict what might happen next and talk about the story. 



Reception Team

Class Teacher: Mrs Naomi Farmer

Teaching Assistants:  Miss Fiona Campbell-Bell                                                Miss Lisa Wilde         

 The Parent Reps for this class is

                             Mrs Anna Rubio

                                  Ms Christina Kelly 


Reception Class Long Term Plan 2019-2020

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