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Sandfield Primary School

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Welcome to Year 1

Meet the Team

Class Teacher is Mrs Helen Holloway (Monday & Tuesday) and Mrs Karen Whiting (Thursday & Friday)

Teaching Assistant is Mrs Shulay Edge

Your Parent Reps are Mrs Anna Rubio and Mrs Christina Kelly


In Year 1, the children will now be following  the newly created exciting  Key Stage 1 curriculum. We will gradually move from the 'Early-years' approach to learning to a more subject-focused timetable. They will have the opportunity to further develop their skills through play and exploration in small groups and whole class activities.  materials, writing and maths resources. Skillful interactions ensure that positive relationships are build, creating an environment where children can feel secure and flourish in their learning.

Helping your Child to Learn at Home

Useful Resources for Pupils in Key Stage 1

Year 1 Long Term Plan 2020-2021

The Week Ahead in Year 1

What did we get up to in Year 1 last week?